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by Linn Brown

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Shinrin-Yoku is Japanese for “forest bathing”. I went with my husband and a group of people led by friend, Debra Sue Kelvin, L Ac., on a forest bathing outing. We walked slowly through a redwood forest. We practiced some qi gong, listened to a reading, sat quietly, had a nice picnic...it was amazing. Redwoods emit phytoncides, chemicals that protect them from insects and that lower blood pressure in humans. I can't wait to go forest bathing again!
I recorded the keyboard track (with percussion) at Old Bull Studios in San Anselmo. Owner Ben Leinbach played bass and sang back-up vocals with me. He also edited, mixed, and mastered the track.
Cover art-Geoff Rantala



We walked into the redwoods so we could bask among the trees
And have a guided meditation in a wooded fairy ring
Martha read “The Summer Day” by Mary Oliver
It’s a poem about her noticing the nature all around her
And questions of creation and a purpose here on Earth
It’s a sanctioning of idle days, existence, and its worth
When I heard the last line spoken quote “your one wild and precious life”
I saw my calling shimmer in the forest-filtered golden light


I sat close behind you with my forehead on your back
When the tears sprang to my eyes, well, I wasn’t expecting that
A surprise attack of loneliness and an existential sadness
There within the sacred acreage I could still feel the urban madness
The mother tree was whispering “exhale your worries here...and in
A natural transformation you’ll breathe a milder scented sweeter air”
The inspiration all around me and a lessening of fear
I felt myself absorbing the forest atmosphere


We were practicing qi gong moves with our guru Debra Sue
While Rebecca welcomed late-comers and led them to our group
A man named Steve to the right of me said “look! across the creek”
A coyote stopped and stared at us before making his retreat
A woodland sprite had joined us, the elfin Caroline
We reflected on the peace we’d found, we were soaking it all in
From the sensory immersion came a feeling of well being
Now it overlays my frantic days with a forest memory


©️ Linn Brown 2018


released September 25, 2018
Keyboard and Lead Vocal-Linn Brown
Back-up Vocals-Linn Brown and Ben Leinbach
Bass and Percussion-Ben Leinbach




Linn Brown Oakland, California

I write songs, sing and play piano. Over the years,
I’ve released music for children, solo piano improvisations, and singer~songwriter collections. I’m presenting my twelve most recent recordings here.

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